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The uses of commonly used precious metal platinum group catalysts

Views: 316     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-10      Origin: Site

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The uses of commonly used precious metal platinum group catalysts


Platinum (Pt), is a naturally occurring white precious metal. Platinum is very rare, occurring in the earth's crust in concentrations of only 0.005 parts per million. platinum is widely used in jewelry, and its halides, oxides and other compounds are widely used in chemistry, electroplating, the petroleum industry, the automotive industry, environmental protection and other fields.

15663-27-1 Cisplatin, also known as cis-chloroammineplatinum, chloroammineplatinum, DDP, tin platinum, etoplatinum, cis-bis-chloro-bis-ammineplatinum, is a commonly used metal platinum complex, cisplatin is one of the most commonly used drugs in current combination chemotherapy, chemical name cis-dichlorodiammineplatinum, as a platinum anticancer drugs.

14286-02-3 Dinitrosodiamine platinum [Pt(NH3)2(NO2)2] is commonly known as P salt, mainly used in platinum plating in non-cyanide plating, the resulting layer has high hardness, low resistance, can be soldered; electronic components surface platinum plating. It is widely used in electroplating industry.

61825-94-3 Oxaliplatin, also known as lexadine and platinum oxalate, belongs to platinum derivatives and is clinically used to treat patients with metastatic colorectal cancer after failure of fluorouracil treatment, either alone or in combination with fluorouracil. It is the third generation of new platinum antitumor compounds after cisplatin and carboplatin, and is the only complex platinum drug with significant activity against colorectal cancer so far. Antitumor agent for the treatment of rectal cancer.

10025-65-7 Platinum dichloride is a gray-green or brown powder, insoluble in water, soluble in ammonia and dissolved in hot hydrochloric acid to form chloroplatinic acid. Platinum dichloride interacts with alkali metal chlorides to form complexes. Used in the preparation of high purity platinum salts, etc. Used as a catalyst for bonding reactions of multiple types of C-C bonds, C-O bonds, and C-N bonds.

10025-99-7 Potassium chloroplatinate is a dark red prismatic crystal, easily soluble in water, insoluble in alcohols and organic solvents, stable in air, but will be reduced by contact with ethanol. Potassium chloroplatinate is widely used as a starting material for the manufacture of various platinum complexes and drugs. Potassium chloroplatinate is also used in the preparation of precious metal catalysts and precious metal coating.

18497-13-7 26023-84-7 Chloroplatinic acid hexahydrate can be used as a metal sorting reagent, mainly for the preparation of precious metal catalysts and precious metal coating. Applications include precipitation of alkaloids, electroplating, catalysts, manufacture of platinum asbestos, etc.

15170-57-7 Bis(acetylacetonato)platinum(II) is light yellow crystalline powder in appearance, easily soluble in acetone and carbon tetrachloride, soluble in halogenated alkanes, slightly soluble in benzene and ethanol, insoluble in water. It is the precursor of nanomaterials. It is MOCVD precursor compound, homogeneous catalyst.

18496-40-7 Platinum nitrate is mainly used for the preparation of palladium-containing compounds, non-homogeneous catalysts and surface coating of materials, and platinum nitrate solution is one of the essential raw materials for catalysts for the purification of automobile exhaust gas.

1314-15-4 Platinum dioxide, also known as platinum oxide, is known as Adams catalyst in organic synthesis. Chemical formula PtO2. appearance is brown-black powder or black solid, is a hydrogenation catalyst, suitable for double bond, triple bond, aromatic hydrocarbon, carbonyl, nitrile, nitro reduction effect . It is excellent hydrogen absorbing material.

13454-96-1 Platinum chloride, also known as platinum tetrachloride. Used in electroplating. It is used as a catalyst and analytical reagent. It is also used in the epitaxy and diffusion processes in semiconductor production.

68478-92-2 Castor catalyst for the preparation of phenol-functional silanes used as adhesion promoters. Used in hydrosilylation reactions. Silicon-hydrogen addition reactions are widely used in the silicone industry, and platinum catalysts are rapid and effective for the addition reactions of unsaturated hydrocarbon compounds and silicon-hydrogen compounds.

1307-80-8 Potassium hexachloroplatinate is an orange-yellow crystal or powder. Slightly soluble in water, insoluble in ethanol. Used in analytical reagents, electroplating industry, catalyst and photographic industry.